Friday, November 19, 2010

The Renaissance of IT

You have to appreciate Songnian Zhou, CEO of Platform Computing.  Here he shines in an interview that in fact merits a post just on his fantastic quotes:

"Cloud?  What is cloud?  I don't know.  Everybody's trying to get what cloud is.  Dark cloud, white cloud, big cloud, floating cloud... but... is that hype?  I believe there's some substance behind it.  I think this is probably the biggest invention in computing, and the business model of computing, in the last 30 years... one can say the cloud is the endpoint of distributed computing, where things are so distributed, so accessible through the Internet, that it represents the democratization, and popularization, and mainstreaming of HPC."

"So if you think about the word HPC, it gives the concept of very high performance, esoteric [applications] maybe in the cloud. In fact this methodology of using computing to study nature, to design products, to optimize businesses, to have entertaining Internet games, all these things are very broadly applicable."

"If you look at computing, at the IT industry, we are in adolescence at best, and we have been operating in the stone age... You run your own computers, you run your own servers, you run your own applications... you must be crazy.  You don't have to own the place... the point is that the IT industry is entering into a mature stage, it's a lot like the auto industry, just like the transportation industry in the sense that computing and applications will deliver services at low cost, more accessible, doing more interesting things... the range of applications because of the enablement of cloud computing, is going to grow ten... a hundred times.  And this is now the renaissance of IT."

Zhou has some interesting points, like that every mature industry eventually becomes service based, and there is other great stuff in that 10 minute interview, including a great metaphor likening the cloud to the airline industry (which happens to fly airplanes through clouds... nice).

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