Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Newegg starts "First from Asia" program

If you've ever looked to build something new from commodity parts you've discovered Alibaba.com.  Alibaba has a million different products but the prices are usually not listed, in fact you're lucky to get contact info for the asian  factories that create the products, and the minimum orders are usually thousands of units.

Enter newegg whose new First from Asia program means fast shipping products straight from Asia in single unit quantities.  Oh, and instead of taking a leap of faith, you get real honest to goodness user reviews to peruse.  Giving it a quick once over indicates that the usb banana is a hot item (edit: now sold out!).

I have previously looked into buying the parts for a mobile robot from Asia, and in fact made some purchases with good results in quality, price, and timeliness.  It will be interesting to see how newegg's inventory fills out, and whether its legendary service and speediness extend one continent to the left.

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