Friday, February 3, 2012

I want to want a Mac

I have heard great things about Mac, and my IBM laptop is beginning to show its age (overheating when running simulated circuits) so I'm soon to be in the market.  I have heard that it is easy to upgrade operating systems on Mac (it's an app in the app store and supposedly "just works").  I have also heard that Mac's new OS has the ability to suspend applications, which is a feature I love and one of the reasons I use VMWare so much (I never want to lose my Undo queue - an Undo Tree would be even better).

I logged onto their website and went to the part I already know I want: Macbook Pro 15.4".  I have had multiple 15.4" computers and they have always been a great compromise between desktop-replacement-sized screen and weight (can get down to 6 pounds).  I just really like the 15.4" form factor - it's a no frills (not 17", not 13", not 11") - it's for people who want to get stuff done and don't want to lug a behemoth (as my old 3.8Ghz Pentium 4 12-pound 17" alienware would attest).

I was shocked to find that my only  options are a quad-core processor with a speed of 2.5Ghz.  My unkeen tongue responds "Hello, 2010 decade, come in 2010 decade, I can't hear you, over."  I would opt for a dual-core high-speed laptop as my SystemC simulator and my Xilinx Synthesizer are single-threaded (Oh woe is me!).  This is a real bummer, and sort of a deal breaker, because my current processor is 2.8Ghz... now, yes it is a dual core Core 2, and the Mac is apparently a quad-core Sandy Bridge with 3.6 Ghz Turbo boost, but there's no gaurantee you will typically get 3.6 Ghz as browsers often hog cpu (usually due to poorly programmed web pages) , thereby requiring throttling of the turbo boost.  To reiterate, woe is me!

Oh Mac, why do the gold walls in your glorious garden have to be so tall?  And why are we categorizing these products by hard drive size? - they are not Ipods!  They are laptops with real processors!

Shhhhh!  We must not wake the Fuhrer.  ;-/