Monday, March 26, 2012

For the kids

I went to a Hawaiian themed benefit for the students at my son David's elementary school on Friday.  It was the first social evening event I'd really gone to after having moved here and I must say it was exactly as I had hoped.  I met many friendly people, with every Dad working at a tech company with an easily recognizable name (Cisco (that guy was trying to think of ways to keep the startup mentality alive in a big company, heh), AOL (that guy was a bit depressed, heh), etc. etc.), and everyone was talkative and actually requiring brain cells to communicate with because we had shared knowledge and so could dive below "how's the weather" very rapidly.  It was shocking.  I was completely unprepared and might have drank a bit slower if I had known the conversation would be so good (well, maybe that is getting carried away ;-)

<blows whistle>... Point Palo Alto!