Monday, October 8, 2012

Are you as smart as a 6-year-old?

"Maybe the Dingo ate your baby."  ... "I said, the DINGO ate your BABY!".

There was a montage of Seinfeld clips on TV last night - which meant I was watching the hundredth episode of Seinfeld on reruns.  The clip above played, and I elbowed my wife who was nodding off.  She said "Haha" and started falling asleep again.  I said "Isn't it funny how much the kids love that clip?" (I have showed it to them many times on YouTube).


"They don't even know why it's funny."

"Hah, yeah," she said.

"Wait, you know what.. I don't know why it's funny either.."

The next day I was thinking about how my 6-year-old boy David is growing up and discussing it with Nancy again.  I said "He is so innocent.  He doesn't know why people are mean.  He knows some people are, and I'm glad he does because he reacts by keeping his distance and toughening up his feelings a bit (just a bit).  But he has no idea why they're mean."


"Wait, you know what, I don't know why people are mean either."

With two such occurrences in two days I realized I may not have much on David, or perhaps any 6-year-olds.  On a moral and social level I wonder how much more he really has to learn?