Wednesday, February 13, 2013


If you've never heard Rilo Kiley I must highly recommend them as they are one of my favorite bands.  My brother-in-law Daniel introduced me to their music as we traveled across the country during my move to Palo Alto from Hanover NH (which I told him at the time was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, to which he responded that it was a 50-hour drive that could be done whenever.  I responded, "yeah, but it will never be the first time again".  The epic-ness of that adventure has only increased in my mind over time... I love it when I'm right :-P  ).

My favorite song of their's is "Close Call".

I get tingles down my spine when I think about foreseeing that something is going to be chancy, and if it succeeds it will be by the skin of teeth, and doing it anyway with teeth and fists clenched.  It is the feeling of being consumed by hope and fear at the same time.  To me that is what defines courage.

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