Sunday, December 14, 2014

FLONG, the FLIR One pong game.

We just submitted FLONG for the FLIR One Hackathon.  See below for summary and pictures!  I will post an update when the winners are announced!  Fingers crossed that we get in the Top 5 and win a FLIR One.

I'm a huge fan of video games I can play with my 8 eight-year-old son David.  That's why I wanted to use the FLIR One to let me play games with my kids and friends wherever I spend time with them.  Studies have shown that playing games together can help us build bonds that last a lifetime.  And besides that, they're fun!  Cell phone games have always felt very single-player and although they are social in the virtual sense they've never helped much for in-person socializing.

FLONG is the world's first simultaneous multiplayer cell phone game.  In other words, FLIR Pong turns the FLIR One into a party machine for kids and a conversation starter for adults.  Tests show screaming kids love it and when their little brains engage they often get quieter.  It was simple enough to make in a weekend but hints at good things to come for this platform.  Although the controls are smooth and easy to learn the game is difficult to master.  It is enhanced with a reflective stand that allows users to play with their hands above the phone instead of behind it, which is way more fun.  Such a stand could be integrated into the FLIR One packaging quite easily, allowing for users to play games right out of the box.

Prototype 1.0:

Prototype 2.0:


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